Fix Word Has Run Into an Error That is Preventing It From Working Correctly in Windows 10

After you upgrade to Windows 10, and you face an error while launching Microsoft Word 2013 that looks similar as below:

And then further, upon opening other applications of Microsoft Office like Excel, you’ll find above similar error, only the name “Word” would be replaced by “Excel“. And upon running the repair task doesn’t help. Neither the quick repair, nor online repair would help. Also uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office won’t help and the issue would still repeat.

Fix Word Has Run Into an Error That is Preventing It From Working Correctly in Windows 10

This issue happens because Microsoft Office applications after upgrade, are running in your computer on Compatibility mode. During the upgrade, because of internal settings in Microsoft Office, all applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc configure themselves to work in compatibility mode. It’s because, if the program is not yet compatible to Windows 10, it’ll still keep working automatically in compatibility mode of Previous operating system. But for few users, this creates an issue and produce above said error. Hence, to resolve this issue, you have to disable compatibility mode for your Office 2013. Here’s what you need to do:

When on Desktop, right click on Start Menu (press and hold the icon if using from a touchscreen device) and select “Run”.

Opening Run Windows 10

Type in following command in the Run dialog box and press Enter:

Above command would open Office15 folder from Program Files and then you need to locate following files:

  • For Microsoft Word, find winword.exe or just WINWORD
  • For Microsoft Excel, find excel.exe or just EXCEL
  • For PowerPoint, find powerpoint.exe or just POWERPOINT
  • For Outlook. find outlook.exe or just OUTLOOK
  • For Access, find msaccess.exe or just MSACCESS

Likewise above, every application which you have installed in your computer of Microsoft Office, find those and do following procedure for each file:

  • Right click on respective files above and select Properties.

Right Click Winword

  • When WORD or EXCEL or POWERPOINT or OUTLOOK or MSACCESS Properties dialog box opens, locate Compatibility Tab.

Change Compatibility mode

  • Now, Uncheck the check box “Run this program in compatibility mode for:“.
  • Click OK.

You’re done fixing the issue. If by chance, Compatibility tab doesn’t appears for you, then you need to do following tasks on each file located in above solution like Word, Excel etc.:

  • Right click on the file (winword.exe or excel.exe or others stated above), and select Troubleshoot Compatibility.

Right Click Winword

  • When Program Compatibility Troubleshooter opens, select “Try recommended settings“.

Office 2013 Troubleshooter


  • This would apply the recommended settings to the application. Now click, “Test the Program” and if you’re being asked for allowing this process or not, click Yes.

Test Compatibility Settings

  • Above step would remove the setting of running the application in compatibility mode and shall open that application whose settings you just fixed by using troubleshooter. Application now should open without any issue.
  • Come back to troubleshooter and click Next.
  • Now, select “Yes, save these settings for this program“.

Yes save settings for this program

  • Close the Troubleshooter.

Now, you’re done fixing startup issue of Microsoft Office Applications on Windows 10. Here’s a related video we found on youtube for this.



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