How to Get Windows 8 Start Screen Back on Windows 10

For any reason, if you liked Windows 8 Start menu with Metro interface, and are used to it. And now miss that same on Windows 10, yes, there is a method to get back the same interface with a small change in settings. That Windows 8 start menu was pretty intuitive for people having touch devices. They might have got to used to it and then again facing a significant change in interface won’t be welcome by all. So here’s the way to¬†get back Windows 8 Start Screen back on Windows 10:

How to Get Windows 8 Start Screen Back on Windows 10

Solution 1

  • Open Start Menu > Settings.
  • Then open System.

Windows 10 System Settings

  • Go to Tablet mode tab and,
  • Slide “ON” to “Make Windows more Touch-Friendly when using your Device as a tablet.”

Switch ON Tablet Mode Windows 10

  • Another setting you can choose below if you want to “Hide app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode.” That’s your personal choice.
Windows 10 Start Menu with Modern-UI
Windows 10 Start Menu with Modern-UI

Another way to access “Tablet Mode” is via “Action Center.” On the extreme right of Taskbar, there is an icon of Notifications. Click that; it’ll open up with a list of notifications and “Action Center.” You can toggle settings of “Tablet Mode” from there.

Tablet Mode Action Center

Solution 2

Another way to set the Full-Screen Menu is by making a small change in Personalization.

  • Go to Start Menu > Settings.
  • Open Personalization
  • Navigate to Start Tab.
  • Slide ON setting “Use Start Screen.”

Use Start Full Screen

  • Return to Start Menu, and now you can drag it to occupy full-screen space, as shown below.

Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu

Please note, this method is not that touch-friendly compared to what Windows 10 offers in Solution 1 i.e., using interface alike of Windows 8.



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