[SOLVED] Issues With Dolby Audio On Lenovo Laptops (Different Models)

Dolby Audio is offered on most Lenovo laptops these days. However, on many occasions, users have complained about various issues with Dolby Audio on their Lenovo laptops, so today we will be listing out some of the most common problems and their solutions in this troubleshooting guide. We will try to cover problems and provide solutions for quite a few Lenovo laptops.

[SOLVED] Issues With Dolby Audio On Lenovo Laptops

Problem: Unable to start Dolby Audio Driver on Lenovo G780 after Windows 8.1 update

  • Open Device Manager
  • Uninstall the Audio Device Under Audio inputs and outputs
  • Then proceed to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program
  • Uninstall all Dolby Related programs
  • Restart if Prompted
  • Now install this software driver: Conexant Audio Driver
  • Now open Drive C: on the upper right-hand side of the screen you will find a Search pane
  • Type in aa and hit search
  • You should find one of the results as Dolby
  • Install that and it should bring the Dolby Audio back

Problem: Dolby Advanced Audio stopped working on Lenovo G580 after Windows 8 update

  • Open Device Manager
  • Find the Unknown Device that is requesting the driver
  • Uninstall the Unknown Device
  • Install Lenovo Energy Management Utility
  • Restart

Problem: Dolby Home Theater V4 changed to Dolby Digital Plus after Realtek Audio Driver update Windows 8.1

This is an issue that had some impact on the sound quality and also on some additional functionalities that users got with Dobly Home Theatre.

  • Download the latest Realtek driver, which includes Dolby From here.
  • Install it as usual
  • Reboot the system
  • Go to the Realtek folder and look for: DS1 > x64/x86 > DolbyDigitalPlusHT (HT means home theater, AA-advanced audio)
  • Install it and reboot

Problem: Dolby Digital Plus Advanced Audio doesn’t work on Lenovo G510 running Windows 8.1

  • Open Device Manager. (Right-click on the Start button and choose Device Manager).
  • Expand the Sound, Video, and Games Controllers section.
  • Right Click on the Conexant Smart Audio HD item and choose Uninstall.
  • Still, in Device Manager, click on Action > Scan for new Hardware.
  • The Conexant Smart Audio item will re-appear. Right-click on it and choose update driver. Navigate to d:\drivers\audio. When that’s done, close Device Manager.
  • Open File Manager and navigate to D:\drivers\Audio\DolbyGUI and install Dolby Digital Plus Advanced Audio.
  • That should get rid of the error message and this version of Dolby Digital Plus Advanced Audio should be working as expected.

Problem: Dolby Home Theatre doesn’t work on Lenovo U410 after Windows 8.1 update

  • Uninstall Conexant HD Audio and Dolby Advanced Audio v2 (if applicable) under the Control Panel > Programs
  • Reboot and reinstall the Conexant Audio Driver for Windows 8.1
  • Now Dolby Home Theatre should start working again

Problem: Dolby Issue after Windows 8.1 update on Lenovo T420s


Problem: Getting the error message on Lenovo U310 running Windows 8.1 that Dolby Audio couldn’t start due to audio driver failure


Problem: Facing issues with Dolby Audio driver after upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1/10 on Lenovo G480


For most users running Windows 8, reinstalling the Conexant Audio Driver fixes the issue as the driver contains everything required for Dolby Audio. However, in the case of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, users need to uninstall the existing drivers and get the latest ones from Lenovo and install them. Try this method by getting the driver from here.

Problem: Unable to start Dolby audio driver on Lenovo E431 running Windows 8.1


Get the latest drivers from Lenovo and update the drivers. That should fix the issue.

Problem: Unable to find Dolby Audio on Lenovo G500 running Windows 8.1

  • Open Control Panel and change the view to Small icons
  • You should find a Dolby icon in there
  • If there is no such icon, then open Device Manager and uninstall the Sound adapter (Conexant) under Sound and game controllers. make sure to place a check under Delete driver software for this device.
  • Restart if prompted
  • Then install this driver

Problem: Dolby Home Theatre disappeared from Lenovo Y510p


  • Go to D:/Drivers/audio/
  • You will find the driver file there
  • Install the driver
  • Reboot

Problem: Dolby Home Theatre doesn’t work on Lenovo Ideapad Z710 after upgrading to Windows 8.1

  • Open Device Manager and uninstall the Audio Driver under Sound and gaming controllers
  • Open Control Panel > Uninstall a program and uninstall all Dolby related components
  • Open Drive C: and Delete/Move the folder that says, Driver or Drivers
  • Install this driver: Audio Driver for 64-bit Windows
  • After installation open C:/Driver/s
  • You should find the Audio driver folder and a Dolby GUI or PCEE4, where there will be an installer of DolbyHT v4
  • Run the installer and once the installation is finished, reboot your system

Problem: Unable to start Audio Driver on Lenovo E431 after upgrading to Windows 8.1


Reinstalling the audio driver can fix the issue. Get the latest drivers from Lenovo by following this link.

Problem: Issues after upgrading Dolby Home Theatre on Lenovo Z510


Uninstall all Dolby related components and install the older version from here.

Problem: Issues with Dolby Audio after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on Lenovo G400S

  • Uninstall your Audio through Device Manager under sound and game controller and place a check on Delete driver software
  • Then Uninstall Dolby Under Control Panel > Programs
  • Download and install this Audio Driver: Conexant Audio Driver for 64-bit Windows
  • Go to My Computer > C:(C Drive)/>Drivers/>Conexant Audio Driver/>DolbyGUI
  • You should find the Dolby Advanced Audio there
  • Install it and reboot

Problem: Neither Dolby Audio nor Realtek Audio works on Lenovo Ideapad U510 running Windows 8 64-bit

  • Press the Windows key‌+R, type appwiz.cpl and press Enter. On the list of programs, remove any instances of Dolby or Realtek Audio and reboot
  • After the reboot, press the Windows key‌+R, type devmgmt.mscand press Enter.
  • On the Device Manager, expand Sound, video, and game controllers and check if the sound device is listed as High Definition Audio. If it says Realtek High Definition Audio, uninstall it, put a check on delete device driver software and reboot. This step will install a generic sound driver that should enable you to play sound on the unit

If the above steps don’t work and you still see the red X mark on the sound adapter then you may need to backup important data and do one of the following.

  • System Restore
  • System Recovery via the OneKey Recovery Button
  • Refresh or Reset Windows 8

These are some of the issues that people are facing on Lenovo laptops regarding Dolby Audio. We tried to cover solutions for most of the problems. However, if you are still facing issues or if your device is not listed in this article, do let us know via comments and we will try to troubleshoot that as well.



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