Fix Email Not Delivered When Sent on SIP Address in OneNote 2013

Sometimes email containing meeting information when sent to a SIP address in OneNote 2013 using the Email page function or Share with Meeting feature fails to deliver to assigned address. Such issue occur when you don’t have Lync 2013 (Skype of business) installed or other reason could be that the SIP address differs from the SMTP address.

Fix Email Not Delivered When Sent on SIP Address in OneNote 2013

So, the best solution for this issue is as follows:

First make ensure that you have KB3055001 update for Office 2013 installed in your computer.

After installing the update. follow these steps carefully as it requires some changes in the registry of OneNote:

  • Close all Microsoft applications like Microsoft Office or Skype or any app. This is important.
  • Press Windows key + R.
  • When “Run” dialog box opens, type “regedit” and enter.
  • When Registry Editor opens, locate following path:

OneNote registry

  • Open “Edit” menu and select New and choose DWORD value.
  • Type in MeetingEmailSmtpOverride and press Enter.
  • Now, in details pane, click MeetingEmailSmtpOverride and then click Modify.
  • Enter any non-zero value e.g. 1 and then click OK.

Overriding OneNote registry

Also on Trouble Fixers

What above steps does, that the settings we just did in registry would force the Outlook-OneNote integration to use SMTP settings only and shall ignore the SIP addresses from now. If you don’t have registry access, or can’t find one, then you can enforce same settings by setting value of msoridCUOneNoteMeetingSmtpOverridesSip group policy as appropriate.



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