Fix Wireless Module not Supported WWAN Module ID 703

If you recently changed the wireless module (WWAN) module on your laptop and getting error like WWAN Module ID (703). Enter - Continue Startup. For more information, please visit: Even if you bought a supported Wireless module like suppose say of Huawei if exact same specs yet the Windows refuse to support it, here’s how you can fix this issue.

Fix Wireless Module not Supported WWAN Module ID 703

This issue is caused by HP BIOS disabling WWAN module, and hence you’re unable to detect it and use it in the Windows. No matter what you do in Windows, it is not going to work as it fails to detect the device. What happens is HP BIOS has created a Whitelist of WWAN modules part serial number and non-whitelisted simply doesn’t work.

HP WWAN Module ID 703

The solution is somehow won’t be simple, just in case if you bought a WWAN module that is not whitelisted in HP BIOS. HP has this whitelist to basically promote the sale of their own components even though there is no difference between a non-HP sold component and an HP sold component. Although to allow the HP sold parts for being recognized and accepted by the BIOS and Device Manager, HP has installed its own firmware.

If your WWAN module doesn’t work, doesn’t have an HP part serial number, the only solution is to return it and get your money back.

After that, buy one which is supported by HP BIOS Laptop from HP Spare parts store or from service centers & authorized dealers.

What if the Wireless Module has Part Number and Not Working?

First of all, download the latest WWAN drivers and BIOS firmware for your laptop using the HP SoftPaq Manager application. If that doesn’t work, then do the following steps:

1. Go to Device Manager on your laptop.

2. Select the drivers that are not functioning correctly, in this case, the WWAN driver.

3. Open it and see if there are any errors seen that prevent the device from starting up.

6. After the drivers have been installed on your laptop, do a hard reset of your laptop.

7. Turn on your laptop and enter BIOS mode.

8. In the BISO config menu, go to the last tab and select something called System Config and see if WWAN services have been enabled or disabled.

9. Save any BIOS changes and restart your laptop.

(Check and see if the issue has been resolved if not proceed forward)

10. Go back to the BIOS menu and do an HP System Diagnostics of network devices.

(Check and see if the issue has been resolved if not proceed forward)

11. Turn on your laptop normally and check to see if the issue has been resolved; if not, open your laptop, remove the WWAN card and then do a normal system startup. Then shut down your laptop and reinstall the WWAN card and start windows again.



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