How to Make Bootable USB Pen Drive for Installing Windows 10

Microsoft has started rolling out Windows 10 update for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users free of cost, if the users has opted for the upgrade. If you haven’t done so, you have an year span of time for doing so, as later on, Microsoft shall start charging for the upgrade to Windows 10. For those, who’re already a part of Windows Insider shall get Windows 10 download notifications first and later on, gradually it shall be available for every user (for an year) in coming weeks totally free.

So, for those who can’t wait to get hands-on Windows 10, before Microsoft may release same automatically, they’ve released a media creation tool which a user can use to upgrade their current PC or can create bootable USB or DVD which can be used for installing Windows 10 on same or other PC’s.

How to Make Bootable USB Pen Drive for Installing Windows 10

Step 1: Go to this URL:

Step 2: Download 32 Bit or 64 Bit Tool depending on which OS you’re currently using. If you’re using 64 Bit Windows 7 or Windows 8, download and install Tool Now (64-bit version).

Windows 10 Media Curation Tool

Step 3: Media Creation Tool shall ask for:

Windows 10 installation selection

  • Upgrade Your PC now
  • Create Installation media from another PC

Step 4: Select “Create Installation media from another PC” and Next.

Step 5: Now it’ll ask for Language, for most users, it shall be “English (United States)” or you can change as per your convenience. Please note, this is the Windows language (not setup language) you’re selecting here, so be careful. Edition of Windows 10 you’ll get depends on which version you’re currently using.

Windows 10 edition selection

  • If you’re using Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home, Basic Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 8.1 with Bing then you need to select and download “Windows 10 Home“.
  • If you’re using Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8/8.1 Professional with Media Center, then you need to select and download “Windows 10 Pro“.
  • If you’re using Windows 8/8.1 Single Language, Windows 8 Single Language with Bing, then you need to select and download “Windows 10 Home Single Language“.
  • And last, if you’re using Windows 8/8.1 Chinese Language Edition, Windows 8 Chinese Language Edition with Bing, then you need to select and download “Windows 10 Home China“.

Please keep in mind, that the version of windows you’re using currently, you need to download upgrade for that version only, or installation shall not work for you. Also, do not select any “Windows 10 N” edition, since N edition windows are for people who live in EU, Croatia and Switzerland. N editions windows means they shall not have any media-related technologies pre-installed in it like Windows media player or camera as Microsoft was required to create the “N” editions of Windows after the European Commission ruled in 2004 that it needed to provide a copy of Windows without Windows Media Player tied in.

Assuming you selected, Windows 10 Pro, like i did in Edition selection, further in Architecture, i selected “Both” as i want to download both 32 bit and 64 bit OS in my pen drive. If you just need one OS, you can select so and click Next.

Step 6: Now it’ll show the selection of choosing USB flash drive or ISO file. Now attach the pen drive you have in your PC or laptop.

Media storage Selection

Please note: Like i chose both, i am required to have a space of 6 GB in pen drive. If you have selected any one 32 bit or 64 bit OS, you’re required to have 3 GB of space in pen drive. So, i used 8GB pen drive for same, and you can have a 4 GB pen drive (keep it empty preferably).

Click Next

Step 7: Now it’ll show the list of attached pen drives.

Windows 10 USB flash drive selection

If you’ve attached 2 or more pen drives in your PC or laptop, choose the appropriate pen drive and Click Next.

Windows 10 download progress

Now it’ll start downloading Windows 10 in your Pen Drive and shall make it bootable automatically. Let the progress reach 100% and then take out pen drive “safely”.



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