How to Get Windows 8 Start Screen Back on Windows 10

For any reason, if you liked Windows 8 Start menu with Metro interface, and are used to it. And now miss that same on Windows 10, yes there is a method to get back same interface with a small change in settings. That Windows 8 start menu was pretty intuitive for people having touch devices. They might have got to used to it and then again facing a big change in interface won’t be welcome by all. So here’s the way to¬†get back Windows 8 Start Screen back on Windows 10:

How to Get Windows 8 Start Screen Back on Windows 10

Solution 1

  • Open Start Menu > Settings.
  • Then open System.

Windows 10 System Settings

  • Go to Tablet mode tab and,
  • Slide “ON” to “Make Windows more Touch-Friendly when using your Device as a tablet“.

Switch ON Tablet Mode Windows 10

  • Another setting you can choose below, if you want to “Hide app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode“. That’s totally your personal choice.
Windows 10 Start Menu with Modern-UI
Windows 10 Start Menu with Modern-UI

Another way to access “Tablet Mode” is via “Action Center“. On extreme right of Taskbar, there is an icon of Notifications. Click that, it’ll open up with list of notifications and “Action Center”. You can toggle settings of “Tablet Mode” from there.

Tablet Mode Action Center

Solution 2

Another way to set Full Screen Menu is by making a small change in Personalization.

  • Go to Start Menu > Settings.
  • Open Personalization
  • Navigate to Start Tab.
  • Slide ON setting “Use Start Screen”.

Use Start Full Screen

  • Return to Start Menu and now you can drag it to occupy full screen space as shown below.

Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu

Please note, this method is not that touch friendly compared to what Windows 10 offers in Solution 1 i.e. using interface alike of Windows 8.