Windows 10 Will Automatically Disable Pirated Games or Softwares

Windows 10 might be the first version of Windows which shall breakthrough how you may use your computer or How Microsoft have the power now to control things inside your computer. While Microsoft is pushing hard Windows 10 upgrade to users worldwide for free, just because this operating system would be pitched later on as a service rather than a stand-alone software product. But even “Free” has a “Fee” word hidden inside it. So, my dear friend, nothing is “Free” rather Microsoft in Windows 10 changed their End User License Agreement (EULA) which allows Microsoft to remotely disable or delete Pirated Games and Pirated Software’s form your computer.

Do you know why Microsoft don’t allow stopping automatic updates in Windows 10? It’s just because that could hamper the way Windows 10 is designed. Now Windows 10 has the power of checking automatically the version of your software’s and download updates for them or even making configuration changes without requiring any user intervention. And these configuration changes can include preventing you from accessing some services, playing counterfeit games and even using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.

Windows 10 Will Automatically Disable Pirated Games or Softwares

Now such reasons makes sense when Microsoft offered Windows 10 as a upgrade to users who’re already using pirated copies of Windows 7 or Windows 8. Those people can upgrade their computer to Windows 10 too, the only difference is that the OS shall keep reminding the users that it’s not a genuine copy. However there won’t be any difference in functionality of operating system.

How Microsoft Shall Find If I Am Using a Pirated Game or Software?

While Microsoft has not made it clear yet, how they’re going to determine if you’re running a pirated software or game? Although another worth noting point is, if Microsoft shall publicly tell users how they’re going to determine, probably users shall find a crack to stop Microsoft from doing any intervention in their computers. However it won’t be difficult for Microsoft to check if you’re accessing services of Steam through illegal ways or probably using a pirated anti-virus copy. Might be many keygens would see their end in making changes in System files of operating system to crack the software’s.

Also Microsoft would monitor what type of Hardware you’re using. Although it’s difficult to say, How that would benefit Microsoft in anyway, but for one thing i am sure that this game is going to be interesting and there’s a lot more to come and discover in Windows 10. Another notable point is when Microsoft has started, will Apple join the league by updating the EULA with similar terms, however Apple has no issues currently in running any pirated software on it’s desktop platform i.e. OS X.

Has Time Arrived to Get Rid of Pirated Games?

Although Windows 10 is expanding across various types of devices like phones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, game consoles, wearables and a lot more types, hence even if you’ve upgraded already to Windows 10 and has your software’s and games installed, there is yet a long time before Microsoft would start taking any action. Right now, Microsoft is more focused in fixing comparability issues of Windows 10 across the different types of hardware’s.

Also on Trouble Fixers:

As per by belief, until Microsoft starts pitching Windows 10 services to users, there is no point to worry about using any kind of Software or Games. We will update, if we hear something from Microsoft regarding deletion or disabling of Pirated Software’s or Games.


  1. Microsoft did NOT disable the ability to stop Windows Updates.

    1. Open the RUN command.
    2. Type “services.msc”.
    3. Scroll down, and find Windows Update. Open it.
    4. Click the “stop” button, and then change the mode from Automatic (Delayed Start) to Disabled.

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